Mother’s Day 2024

17. Apr. 2024


Sunday Lunch May 12th, 2024

This is the best opportunity to say thanks to your most beautiful and amazing mother for her never ending love this Mother’s Day!

Let us have the honour to express the gratitude to your mother on your behalf with 7-course Lunch feast for $69 pp and a glass of rose dedicated to her.

Our mothers all deserve to have fun. Treat them this Mother’s Day!

Month of Hoju Soju


Visit us everyday from 5pm-6pm for $3 Pacific Oysters, $ 12 and all your favourite Korean eats.

Enjoy an $80 Bottle of Hoju Soju with (half bottle & shots available) or make it a Somaek – 2 for $10 Yulli`s Seabass Mediterranean Lager Gwei-lo Hazy IPA Snacks to pair: 

Black Sesame Buns w/ Chilli oil and Sesame Paste  $8 

Pacific Oysters w/ Fermented honey $3ea 

Fried Seaweed Roll w/ Prawn and Scallop $8ea 

Rice Cake w/ Chicken Sausage $7ea 

Crispy Rice w/ Gochujang $6ea 

Korean Fried Chicken $12/+2 with sauce 

Dori Bang Bang $16 

Hoju Soju Cocktail: 

Princess Peach $14 

Hoju Soju, Brandy, Peach, Wattleseed, Whey and Fizz

Hoju Martini $12 Hoju Soju, Four Pillars Yuzu, Sunrise Lime, Mango Leaf oil




Celebrate LOVE at FUNDA


Valentine’s Day at Funda!

Celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day at FUNDA with an intimate dinner!

We’re giving Valentime’s Day the indulgence it deserves with a delicately curated 9 course banquet menu.


First, a glass of Michel Gonet Champagne, OR our special Valentine’s Cocktail with Jinzu Gin, Lemon Myrtle, Fingerlime, and Rhubarb Foam will find its way to your hand upon your arrival and our extensive wine list will be within a reach all night long.

Banquet Menu is $150pp which consists of;

Caviar & Tuna tartare Tartlet

Fried Seaweed Roll, prawn & scallop Mousse, yuzu kosho

Beef Tartare, chojang sauce, pine nut foam, nashi pear, papadums

Bibimmyun, dry dice noodles, soy cured blue fin tuna, mushroom sauce

Grilled Leek, vannella stracciatella, pistachio & chilli relish, Korean
master soy

Hibachi Grilled Calamari, soy cured seaweed, celery, mustard cress

Wagyu Steak

Valentine Cake

A Choice of:

Jujube Cake, butterscotch caramel, jujube mousse, crispy kadaif


Pavlova, yeast meringue, Makgeol-li ice cream, injeolmi rice cake

Remember, the Valentine’s Day Banquet will be the only menu available on February 14th, however, if you and your partner are for any reason, unable to celebrate on Valentine’s Day you will still be able to enjoy this menu for the whole week!

We look forward to welcoming and celebrating your love!

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