Executive Chef​

Jung-su Chang

Jung-Su Chang is the hottest arrival to the Sydney food scene. Hailing from Korea, his expertise and reputation are following him to Sydney’s shores as he heads the team as Executive Chef.

Jung-Su started his cooking at KyungHee University, Korea, famous for culinary art and Le Cordon Bleu Seoul. He went on to experience and master Italian, French, Japaneseand other cuisines in a variety of most prestigious, upscale restaurants across the US, Korea and Australia. From Pierre Gagnaire, Seoul (One Michelin star), Michael Mina, San Francisco (One Michelin star) and Melbourne restaurants Moon Under Water (Two hats) and Supernormal (One hat).

The past four years Jung-Su worked as the Executive chef at Jungsik Seoul where he helped maintain two Michelin stars throughout his time there. This put him on the map of Modern Korean cuisine and dare we say he is one of the best chefs in Modern Korean in the world.

Now with Sydney as his new chosen home, Sydneysiders and visitors alike can now experience world class food without having to travel to Paris or New York.

Jung-Su’s philosophy is that great food can bring people together in harmony and understanding. Life is all about enjoying great food with great people.

Head Chef Chris Kim joined team Funda to work and create something special with Chef Jung-Su’s whose reputation and visions precedes him.

Chris Kim has built an impressive career fuelled by his love for culinary artistry and a deep connection to his Korean heritage. As former Senior Sous Chef at Tetsuya’s, Chris’ experience working in some of Australia’s most distinguished and hatted restaurants (Tetsuya’s, Mjolner, Sepia and Urbane) coupled with continuous self-education has enabled him to push gastronomic boundaries.

Chris’ deep-rooted connection to his heritage plays a significant role in his cooking. By embracing his unique experiences, Chris brings a distinct perspective and personal touch to Funda.

Head Chef

Chris Kim


Jangho So and Sunyoung Kim, the faces and founders of Funda, are reshaping the Sydney food scene with their innovative approach to Korean and European cuisine. With a combined experience of over 12 years in the hospitality industry, they are honouring their Korean heritage and pushing the boundaries of flavour.

Fuelled by their love for food and their desire to elevate Sydney’s food scene, Jangho and Sunyoung embarked on a new venture with Funda. Recognizing the potential to introduce a higher level of Korean cuisine to Sydney, they joined forces with Executive Chef, Jung-su Chang and Head Chef, Chris Kim to create a Korean dining experience that Sydney is yet to experience.